I strive to combine creativity and technology to develop playful and innovative projects. With an eye for detail I approach every project and challenge myself to take it a step further. I have a deep passion for graphic design which originated from working with analog methods.


De beeldbuis

De Beeldbuis’ is a yearly project that creates content for the screens on the mainstage at Paaspop. I have developed and implemented the identity for ‘De Beeldbuis’.
The identity is inspired by old instruction manuals. It has a retro vibe to it, but with a touch of modernity that is seen in the color use.

‘Binnende15’ is an interactive instalation in which users have to complete entertaining assignments within 15 seconds. This is filmed and eventually show on the screens on the main stage.

‘Kiekje’ is a self-build camera inspired by the Nishika camera. It captures 3D moving photos.